Global Address List + Personal Address book disappear randomly 
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 Global Address List + Personal Address book disappear randomly

I have a perplexing problem here. I have a user whose address book
"disappears" from time to time during the day.  This address book sits
on I: and is mapped to a Novell server (version 5.11 I believe).  Her
global address book also disappears from time to time.  If she exits
Outlook and goes back in, blam, there both are.  We had this problem
with another user and fixed the frame type to 802.3 and that fixed
that user, but this user already has the frame type fix and the
problem exists.  The user next to her cubicle is also having the same
problem.  I tried removing and reinstalling the Novell client, trying
to force the protocol to IP only, but it wouldn't work until I put the
IPX protocol back in the configuration.  Both are Windows 98 SE
machines running Outlook 98 with the latest patches.

I'm kind of at a lost at what to try next.  I was suggested here at
work that
I delete her profile locally on her machine and rebuild it, but it's
kind of
weird that two people are having the exact same problem.


Fri, 28 Oct 2005 22:10:09 GMT  
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