Outlook 2000 assigned task updated copy does not update 
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 Outlook 2000 assigned task updated copy does not update

When the task originator receives a Task Update with Status marked as
Complete in the Inbox....

On my previous version of Outlook (97?) I could right-click the message in
my Inbox, then click Mark-as-read, (or just hit <Ctrl+Q>) and my copy of the
task in my folder would show the task as complete.

With Outlook 2000 if I do this the copy of the task doesn't get marked as
complete. Even if I subsequently open the message in my Inbox. (I have to
mark the message as un-read, then open it).

Obviously I can work around this bug by not using right-click->Mark-as-read,
(or <Ctrl+Q>), and using open instead. But I would rather not.

Does anyone know how to fix this bug?

Best regards,
Dave Cole

Sun, 11 Jul 2004 00:40:46 GMT  
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