Open XLS attachment says file already open 
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 Open XLS attachment says file already open

I have Outlook 2000 installed. When I get an attachment
(So Far only Excel) and try to open it it says

a document with the name <name of document> is already
open, you cannot open two documents with the same name...

I have had this before if you are in Excel/Word etc and
open a document or double click it in Explorer. This fix
for this is to remove the 8.0 folder in the registry and
let Office recreate the registry entries.

But this does not work, I have open normal XLS that I
have produced and they open fine, it is only when they
come in as attachments. Even if I save the attachment to
a drive and open it there it gives the error....

If anyone could help that would be great


Mon, 07 Nov 2005 00:16:32 GMT  
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