Randomically EMAIL were not SENT 
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 Randomically EMAIL were not SENT

I'm using Outlook 2002 under Windows XP.

Sometimes EMAILs in the Folder OUTGOING EMAIL were not SENT.
This happen to some EMAILs but not to others.
If I reopen the EMAILs and click newly the button SEND and then try to
SEND all the EMAIL sometimes the EMAIL is sent but other times it
still remains in the OUTGOING folder.

Proceeding again in the same way I, finally, send the email.

The EMAIL that weren't sent doesn't have a DATE in the column SENT in

Can you help me??

Please, send my an answer also x EMAIL.

NR - The Mad Grin :-)
UIN: 23168801

Sun, 21 Nov 2004 21:30:43 GMT  
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