Still can not open .pst after running Scanpst.exe 
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 Still can not open .pst after running Scanpst.exe

I have a users .pst file which is 1.05 Gb in size and I still can not open
it after running the scanpst.exe on numerous occasions.

Each time i run the scanpst it reports "minor erorrs" and would i like to
repair them. I click "yes" and at the finish i am informed that the repairs
were successful (or words to that affect).

I have moved the file from the local machine to a server, ran the scanpst
that is installed on the server with no joy. Moved it to my machine and
again ran the scanpst still no joy.

Tried to open the .pst using other users outlook2k, again joy.

Has anybody got any further suggestions/advice on how to get this .pst file
back or is it to far gone?



Fri, 09 Apr 2004 21:06:33 GMT  
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