Telephony Solution Required 
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 Telephony Solution Required

We are looking for a (Canadian) telephony solution that would would
integrate into and Outlook / Exchange environment.
Basically we are looking for the following features:
- call logging to outlook (inbound and outbound)
- simple hardware requiements (i.e. we would like to use TAPI and our
regular phones)
- we use a simple 2 line overline system with no PBX
- we do not have receptionist -- multiple computers may answer the phone.
- would like ability to record message at user's discretion
- ideally, would like to be able to see all conversations linked to a
contact item, either in a local or excange folder - this link
may be a type written summary of a conversation nad/or a recording.

Thanks in advance,

Wed, 28 Jul 2004 03:21:48 GMT  
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