Outlook XP: can't drag and drop from a FIND result-set 
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 Outlook XP: can't drag and drop from a FIND result-set

Hey all...

Over the week, I accumulate SO much email, and to help me
organize my mess, I had used the FIND feature to do my
initial grouping so that i could just drag and drop the
selection into a folder on my Outlook bar.  This all
worked fine with Office 2000.

I have recently installed Office XP (SP2), and when
trying to do the above, I get a message window pop up
saying "Can't move the items".  My work around is to
right-click my selection and use the "Move to folder..."
option.  Kinduva pain, though.

Anyone else experience this?  Or better yet, have a


Wed, 07 Dec 2005 01:45:21 GMT  
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