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 Auto-fill query

Good morning to all!
I am having a problem with an auto-fill query.  I have a customer table
which has a customer number and a customer name.  I want to create a combo
box so that I can click the drop down arrow on the cust# field, type the
first few characters of the Co name to "jump" to that place on the list,
press enter to select that company, have the company number inserted at that
point, have auto fill on company name, phone number etc.

I can get the part to work where it will jump to the name except it inserts
the company name in the customer number field and does not auto fill the
other information.

Specifics as to how is set up as follows:
I my table DAY I have the Cust# field, Number type, Double, 3 decimal
places, default value 0, required NO, Indexed NO, Lookup tab display control
COMBO BOX, row source type TABLE/QUERY, row source SELECT [Cust#],[Co] From
Cust_Vend ORDER BY [Co], bound column 1, column count 2, column heads NO,
column widths 0", list rows 8, list width AUTO, limit to list YES.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated.  I would also appreciate any
suggestion as to what book resources any of you may recommend.  I have
purchased Microsoft Access version 2002 by Helen Feddema which has been
helpful but could use a resource to clearly define query procedures and
such.  I am putting together an order entry system for a manufacuting

Thank you in advance for any help you offer.


Chris Williams
Davis & Pierce

Mon, 25 Oct 2004 04:57:44 GMT  
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