Temp QueryDef or Stored QueryDef Variable Name 
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 Temp QueryDef or Stored QueryDef Variable Name

I have a multiuser application in a Winframe environment, which negates the
ability to have a static QeuryDef, since multi users will put different
things in it, and it cannot be unique temporary QueryDef for each user (my
code currently creates, displays in form and deletes the Query def).

However, many users may use that code at the same time (in winframe, they
share the same copy of front end).  So, can I create querydef("some name')
with the "some name" being a variable, like username or client IP address,
so when I create and delete it, it is unique to the client running it?


Can I make a querydef TEMP be the recordsource for a Form? (just for the
fleeting moment)?

I get an object error now, but I may not be doing it right.

Your help is much appreciated.


Thu, 05 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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