embedded reference cell in offset formula 
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 embedded reference cell in offset formula

The formula:

looks for the value found in cell L9 in a 2x10 array of cells offset one row
below cell A14

I would like to replace the fixed reference A14 with a cell from col 1 (A)
determined by matching the value from an input cell....
ie run the hlookup on an array offset from the cell in col A containing
"text" input in another cell

The formula:

will return the address of the proper cell but if I embed the second formula
in place of $A$14

The formula fails

I hope a simple syntax fix is all I'm missing... any ideas??

By the way...
The technique is being used to access data in the form

sub record a    sub record b    sub record c....h
data 1a            data1b
data 2a etc.

I can not reformat the data into more traditional rows/columns as it is from
an external source and I'd like to read it directly...

Any suggestions?

Mon, 31 May 2004 07:46:23 GMT  
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