data not available for activedocument from userform 
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 data not available for activedocument from userform

Hi Nigel,

I'm a bit startled here

This works fine
Private Sub Calendar1_Click()
    Selection.Range.Text = Format(Calendar1.Value, "dd-mm-yyyy")
End Sub

or is this too simple ...? , if so show us the code


A question from a Word VBA newcomer..

Having a problem getting a user form to see a background document....

The code works fine when the template file is open ( as in not just double
clicked on it to create a new document from the template ), however, when I
do want to use the template properly, nothing happens.

The userform has a calendar control on it and I use the "click" method of
this control to generate a date which I want to put in the main document. It
just does not want to recognise the "activedocument" method.  I can
"debug.print" the "" and even set a variable to the
"", but when I try to use it, no chance.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is driving me nuts


Thu, 24 Jul 2003 17:56:07 GMT  
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