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 DDE commands in Word


> Is it possible using DDE to tell Word to open a file and then go to a
> specific point in that file?  For example to tell Word to go to a
> bookmark for instance.

> I've noticed Windows 95 uses DDE to accomplish a number of tasks like
> opening, printing, etc.  I can view these settings from Explorer by
> View|Options|File Types|Microsoft Word Document.  Is there a list of DDE
> commands available?

> Thanks

> Richard Bruce

DDE Commands for WORD are WORDBASIC statements enclosed in "[]". So, to
open a file you would send a DDEExecute with the string [FileOpen
filename]" along with any parameters, having established the DDE Link.
Do not get too involved with DDE however, because it becomes extremely
flakey with WORD8 (Office97).


Sun, 19 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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