Office 97 + Win 98 = Problems I may have one solution 
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 Office 97 + Win 98 = Problems I may have one solution

I have been pulling out my hair (what little I can spare) for the last 10
days since reformting my hard drive on both my office machine and laptop (I
wanted to repartition into two or three large drives with FAT32).
I have not been able to reload Office 97 on my laptop. I have tried both my
Office Professional Upgrade and my OEM small office version that came with
the laptop.
I purchased my Laptop from Dell around the first of July. It came loaded
with Windows 98 as well as Office.
When trying to reinstall Office everything fails at the final stages of
installation with the classic message:
ACMSETUP caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL at
I found that a bunch of you have the same error problem.

I found the solution from another user on the DELL bulletin board at
The problem seems to be in the OEM version of Windows 98. I installed my
retail upgrade version that I used on the desktop to my laptop. All of the
other Microsoft programs that I had problems loading (failures) loaded
without a hitch. This included the OEM version, some of the other programs
from the Office Pro version and Expedia Streets (which also dumped).

I suggest you follow the Office 97: Installing Win 98 to New Folder to
Troubleshoot Office Problems file Q190040. It is the fastest and easiest way
to create a new folder and make the installation without going through a

Believe me, I tried every suggestion on this newsgroup and others suggested
on the Dell bulletin board:
1. remove the CD caching (did not work)
2. Reformat and install Office directly after Win 98 (did not work)
3. do not install Access or ODBC drivers (did not work)
4. Install from safe mode (learned to use CTL instead of f8, but no luck
6: Installing CD's from my hard drive (takes a lot of time and space but no
7. try and manually install and register software from CD (dumb idea and a
real waste of time)
8. Get rid of all unnecessary drivers, disable write behind cache, protected
mode drivers and everything else that is not absolutly necessary (shouldn't
have to go this far, but what the hell - still did not work).
9. Laplink DLL's and programs from desktop to laptop (another one of my dumb
10. Call tech support (not from what others have related).

Funny, but we can't be an isolated cases. Something makes me feel that MS
does not want to fess up to this one. If you tried to search the
Knowledgebase you won't find one mention of this problem in the hundreds
posted over the last few weeks. Why not? I learned very quickly by a
Dejanews search that I wasn't alone on this problem so there must be
thousands ready to go bullistic and become the next disgruntled Windows

Dennis Wish PE

Wed, 24 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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