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 Outlook "Contact" folder location

It is not unusual for the Outlook Address Book to "lose track" of the
connection to its Contacts Folder when you move or import your PST. Use the
following steps to reset the connection, depending on your Outlook version.
Note that in some instances you may actually have to remove the Outlook
Address Book completely from your Profile, close Outlook, and then re-add it
before you can get it to work.

Outlook 2000, Corp/Workgroup:
Go to Tools > Services. Make sure the Outlook Address Book service is
listed. If not, add it. Next, R click on the Contact folder or folders you
want the OAB to display, choose "Properties", go to the Outlook Address Book
tab and check the "Show this folder as an E-mail address book" box. You may
also need to go to Tools > Options > Addressing Tab and choose to show your
Contacts folder.

Outlook 2002:
Go to Tools > E-mail accounts > View or change existing directories or
address books > Outlook Address Book. If it is not listed, back up one step
and add it. If it is, then click on Change. to make sure the Contacts
folder(s) you want to display are listed. If not, you may need to enable the
Contacts Folder as an e-mail address book by R clicking the Folder >
Properties and check the "Show this folder as an E-mail address book" box.
Make sure you restart Outlook after making these changes.
Russ Valentine

> I temporarally moved my *.pst files to another directory
> on my hard drive.  I now want to put them back to there
> default location but I don't remember where they go.

> The problem I am having is that when I look at
> my "contacts" I find them listed as usual.  However, when
> I want to send an e-mail and try to use the "To" button
> next to the address box with it looking to "contacts" I
> get the screen that is on the attached file.  Can someone
> tell me what I need to do to be able to get my "contact"
> information available for this e-mail function back?

> Ted

Tue, 10 Aug 2004 11:30:07 GMT  
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