Return currency value from textbox to an excel cell 
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 Return currency value from textbox to an excel cell


I'm going out of my mind with this.
I have a textbox (PRE?O_COMPRA) in an userform connected to a cell.
When I call the userform, the textbox gets the value from the cell
(currency value)

UserForm11.PRE?O_COMPRA.Value = Sheets("LISTA DO
STOCK").Cells(LASTROW, 16)
'more stuff
End sub

Private Sub PRE?O_COMPRA_Change()
PRE?O_COMPRA = FormatCurrency(PRE?O_COMPRA, 2)
End Sub

I have format the cells(lastrow,16) as currency.
 This works okay!

The problem is that when I want to place the value from the textbox to
the cell I will get a string instead of a currency value. My cell gets
like this: 8.741,39 € and it should be 8741,39. More strangely, if I
double click on the cell and do enter the value becomes a currency
value, just like that!!!

Can anyone help me, please?!!?!?!

Sun, 27 Nov 2005 16:38:56 GMT  
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