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 multiple decsions

I have a form which contains optionbuttons 1,2 & 3
depending on which is selected, determines which sub runs.

The scenario is this:

If OptionButton1 selected:

ComboBox1 is populated with 8 items from column A
Item 1 selected in ComBoBox1 populates Combobox2 with column C items
Item 2 selected in ComBoBox1 populates Combobox2 with column D items
and so on

The above is repeated with different data for Options 2 & 3 when selected.

I then need to take the selected values for use later in my macro.

I've been experimenting with addItem and Select Case but cannot complete the
a code snip follows..

Private Sub OptionButton1_Click() ' product

If OptionButton1 = True Then
ComboBox1.AddItem "TR 1 Inva-sert"
ComboBox1.AddItem "TR 2 Broach-sert"

'If TR1 selected, populate Combobox4 with thread options from column B.

   Select Case ComboBox1.Text

   Case "TR 1 Inva-sert"
       ComboBox2.RowSource = "Sheet1!B1:B8"
   Case "TR 2 Broach-sert"
       ComboBox2.RowSource = "Sheet1!C1:C8"

End Select
End If

End Sub

Any ideas welcome

Thu, 08 Jul 2004 20:00:08 GMT  
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