Query extract:External table is not in the expected format 
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 Query extract:External table is not in the expected format

I've got a w'book that pulls unprocessed information from other w'books.
The source data is in table format and named.  The code runs through a
list of files and then extract the data.  For period 10(October) it
worked until the 1st of November without a hitch.
Suddenly I'm getting the error on _some_ workbooks.
The errorwindow-title is: ODBC Excel Driver Login Failed
On other workbooks in the list it works fine.

The errorhandler in VBA does not pick this up, so it must be the Query-
I get the same error when doing it the manual way through Data/Get
External data/Create new query.
If I Ctrl-Break when the error display, the code is highlighted on the
option '.SavePassword = False"  - I've had it as True, but it does not
make a difference.
All the options are displayed for
"With ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add" - I've recorded and then made some

I've identified the culprit w'books to four people/pc's.  Each are
responsible for some of the sheets.

Can I find out if they have saved the file as something else?

Other info - might be relevant/might not:
On 1 Nov we had an infection of the Jini-virus, but these pc's were not
infected and neither were the files. We could only go back into Excel
on the 3rd and it is only then that this error started up.
The files for every month is created by saving the previous month's
with a new name and clearing out data that has been processed.
The query still works on period 9 for -all- the files.

Any ideas would be welcome - one weekend has allready been given
up.... :{

XL97 sr2,  WinNT

Retief Kotze

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