Can't open workbook from vb6 dll 
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 Can't open workbook from vb6 dll

I have written a vb6 dll that writes some data from SQL to a workbook
file, duplicates any existing formatting for all returned rows and
then prints the workbook as a PDF file. All this works fine in the VB6
runtime environment. I tested from a VB module and stepped through the
code and it all works. Then I wrote an ASP page to call the component.
I then ran through it again in the VB6 runtime. Again, I was able to
step through the code and run it without halting the execution. Since
I figured all was well, I compiled the project as a dll. Now It hangs
forever. Causing such a problem that IIS hangs and I have to restart
my Win2000 workstation each time it gets run. At one point I was able
to get the error "can't open read-only excel file {file name}". (I
can't remember the exact wording because I don't get that error
anymore - it just hangs). It occured to me that it was a permissions
issue. I have given "full control" access to IWAM_{machine name},
IUSER_{machine name} and even the everyone account. Again, no
difference. I have scoured all the groups I can think of looking for
anyone with an answer to the problem. So finnally, I need to post to
see if anyone can help me. Here's the offending code:

When I call this property "Workbook" I am setting a private member
variable to the workbook in order to reference the workbook throughout
the project. I am opening it with "read-only" access as I do not
intend to save any changes to the file.

Public Property Let Workbook(ByVal FileName As String)
Dim FSO As Scripting.FileSystemObject

    Set FSO = New Scripting.FileSystemObject

    'check to make sure the specified file exists
    If Not FSO.FileExists(FileName) Then
        Err.Raise 50001, App.Title & ".ExcelPDF.Workbook", "The
specified Workbook file does not exist."
        GoTo CleanUp
    End If

    'open the workbook and set an object reference
    Excel.Workbooks.Open FileName:=FileName, ReadOnly:=True
    Set XLwb = Workbooks.Item(1)

    Set FSO = Nothing
    Set XL = Nothing
End Property


I have also tried explicitly declaring an Excel.Application object
with the same results.
    Dim XL As Excel.Application

    Set XL = New Excel.Application

    XL.Workbooks.Open FileName, , True

Please, if there is anyone that can help I would greatly appreciate

Wed, 21 Apr 2004 07:29:09 GMT  
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