Help Using Variable To Call a Procedure or function 
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 Help Using Variable To Call a Procedure or function


Didn't look at your code as, like most people, I am wary
about opening files.  Put your code into the message post

However, from what you said below...

Assume that the function rand() is in cell A6, then the
following will use this detail and put the evaluated
result in cell B6.

Range("b6").Value = Evaluate("=" & Range("a6").Value)


>-----Original Message-----
>I am wondering if anyone can help me out with my dilema ?
>I Have a spreadsheet and cell in column A1 contains the
>name of a function, wich I wish to have called from vba.
>However I don't want to call it in vba by using it's
>normal Name typed into the vba code I want to assgin the
>text in cell A1 to a variable in my vba code and than
>that function using the variable name rather than having
>to type in the actual function name into the code

>I have attached an example Excel file to help you see
>I am trying to accomplish it is called MyBook.xls
>Please can anyone help me out or does anyone have any


Mon, 11 Apr 2005 10:52:00 GMT  
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