transfering data from one sheet to another 
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 transfering data from one sheet to another


you are using variable "b" without defining a value. From
your explanation it would appear that you need to add a
line that reads:

also, you will have 597 source rows and 593 destination

you will strike some probs.

also, good practice is to follow naming conventions for
your variables, but I am pretty slack about it.


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>I would like one sheet in my workbook to equal another
>sheet but not in the exact order.

>'   Dim a As Integer
>'   Dim b As Integer
>   For a = 8 To 600
>    With Sheets("Inventory")
>        .Cells(a, 1) = Sheets("Main Database").Cells(b,
>2).Value            ' BottleID
>        .Cells(a, 2) = Sheets("Main Database").Cells(b,
>11).Value           ' Isotope
>        .Cells(a, 3) = Sheets("Main Database").Cells(b,
>5).Value            ' Reference Date
>        .Cells(a, 4) = Sheets("Main Database").Cells(b,
>6).Value            ' Original uCi

>        .Cells(a, 6) = Sheets("Main Database").Cells(b,
>14).Value           ' #Days Of Days
>        .Cells(a, 7) = Sheets("Main Database").Cells(b,
>15).Value           ' Half-Life
>         .Cells(a, 8) = Sheets("Main Database").Cells(b,
>16).Value           ' Decay Fraction
>         .Cells(a, 9) = Sheets("Main Database").Cells(b,
>17).Value           ' Remaining Activity

>I do not want the formulas in the sheet itself because it
>could be deleted by the user.  I want it in source code.  
>that way it is always updated and can not be manipulated
>in anyway unless the code is changed.  The above code did
>not work for me, what other way can it be done or how can
>I make my code preform the right task.  Also this is for
>range of rows 4 to 600(Main Database) to 8 to 600

>thank you


Sat, 04 Jun 2005 10:32:27 GMT  
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