Variable(s) Reset by Showing 2nd UserForm on top 1st UserForm 
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 Variable(s) Reset by Showing 2nd UserForm on top 1st UserForm

Hi there, thanks for your Attention !! Win98/Excel2002

I have an Input(User)Form with more then 3000 lines of code,
20 Frames, containing together some 200 Controls,
mostly TextBoxes.

The TextBoxes are arranged in lines, that are filled
with data by the User, and at the end of the Line
The TextBox.Values are loaded into
a Publicly Dimensioned Array.

I have a CommandButton on InputForm,
with Code: UserForm1.Show.(UserForm1 on top of InputForm)

Even if UserForm1 has no code in it at all,
if I Show it, while putting Data in line N
it will Erase (some) Value(s) of the array,
belonging to  Line N,
but only at the BeforeUpdate Event of the
first TextBox in Line N+1.

If I don't show the UserForm1, everything works fine.

I of course tried to find a bug in the code,
but couldn't find anything (doesn't prove, I know)

And the fact that even showing a UserForm with **no code at all**
causes the problem, made me thinking I may have a memory Problem,
or a problem that is related to showing Userorm1 on top of InputForm.

Any Ideas ?? I consider now bypassing the problem by using
a Frame made visible when needed in stead of UserForm1. Comments ?

Thanks a lot for your time !!!
Steven Kelder

Sat, 04 Jun 2005 13:03:10 GMT  
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