Creating macro for to open different excel files 
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 Creating macro for to open different excel files

Save your macro into your personal workbook personal.xls.
You can do this in the VB editor, or when creating the
next one, select where you want to store it.

The personal workbook is available every time you start


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>Hi There,

>I wonder if somebody can help me on how to create a macro
>that can be used to open a different excel file.  

>here's the scenario:

>I recieved an excel file twice a month with a slightly
>different format (more rows but constant column)through
>email and I just double click them to open it. How do I
>open it together with my existing macro so that I don't
>spend much time create another macro?

>I would appreciate very much anybody's help.



Sat, 04 Jun 2005 10:35:23 GMT  
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