ExcelXP sp2 crash when security set to low (no DDE code) 
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 ExcelXP sp2 crash when security set to low (no DDE code)

ExcelXP crashes when loading a one particular wb
containing macros with security set to low.  Other
workbooks with macros do not crash Excel.  The crash
occurs EVEN when holding the shift key, thus I am unsure
how to debug.

Knowledge base mentions a post SP2 fix for similar issue
when using DDE. However, none of the subroutines within
macros use DDE commands.

If security is set to medium, clicking enable macros also
crashes Excel-even when holding down the shift key.

Same file opens fine on winXP/officeXP system at work,
thus I suspected a missing reference causing the
problem.  Deleting the missing VB reference and resaving
the file did not help.

Opening the same file with Excel 2000 (security set to
low) causes no problems-holding or not holding the shift

I uninstalled and re-installed officeXP.  (May I should
skip SP2?)

Please advise.

Fri, 25 Nov 2005 10:59:07 GMT  
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