Access Automation of Excel (closes at random) 
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 Access Automation of Excel (closes at random)

We are trying to use automation from Access 2000 to Excel 2000 to create
multiple pivot tables in a workbook. Each pivot table is created in a
seperate worksheet.
The first five tables create fine, but the sixth (which has no major
differences, technically) causes Excel to close. No messages or DrWatson
errors are created by Excel. Access then comes up with an error to say that
the automation server is not responding (which it can't because it's gone!).
Sometimes, although rarely, the whole process works.

Is there some way we can find out why Excel is closing (there are no
requests to close it in the program) or does someone know what this problem
is caused by?

Vince Cullip

Mon, 22 Dec 2003 14:14:11 GMT  
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