Populating Two Tables from text file without Autonumber <<<<<<<<<<< 
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 Populating Two Tables from text file without Autonumber <<<<<<<<<<<

I have a User Database made up of two tables (A= ID, UserID and Password B=
ID, Name and address). The text file does not contain an ID number.

A and B have relationship set with Ref. Integrity to the ID fields. The ID
fields in the tables are NOT Autonumber (Number/Long Integer).

As I import each new record it needs to increment the ID of the last record
by 1 and then insert the data from the text file into the rest of the fields
in the two tables, then move on, incrementing as it imports each new record.

I can't get this to work. As an experiment I tried setting ID to Autonumber
and it worked, but since the tables have thousands of records already I
can't do that in the actual working db.

If it matters or helps, the text file is only one field that I need to
duplicate into every field, then increment it's ID number by 1 and then
insert the next and so on.

Sat, 02 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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