Problems liking to Excel worksheet using Excel 97 driver 
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 Problems liking to Excel worksheet using Excel 97 driver

I'm having a hell of a time linking to Excel 97 worksheet using Excel
driver. I'm getting an error message informing me that object 'Sheet1'
cannot be found.
However, I am able to link to a worksheet created by exporting a table to
Below is the code i'm using:
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Best regards
Swav Rybak

Sub LinkTable()

Dim db As Database
Dim tdf As TableDef
Dim rst As Recordset

Set db = CurrentDb
Set tdf = db.CreateTableDef("MonthTest")

tdf.Connect = "Excel 8.0;DATABASE=E:\tblMonth.xls;"
tdf.SourceTableName = "Sheet1"
db.TableDefs.Append tdf


Set rst = Nothing
Set tdf = Nothing
Set db = Nothing
End Sub

Fri, 05 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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