Windows 2000 and Word 97 image insert problem 
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 Windows 2000 and Word 97 image insert problem

Using Win2k and Office97/Word 97 can be a nightmare at the best of
times. We've just got most things to work under the 'all users'
profile but have now come across a new problem.
First, all permission of the Microsoft folders have been set to
'modify' for all users, which fixes a lot of problems.

But if I log in as administrator, open Word and choose to insert a
picture from file, a .gif in particular - it lets me. I find it and
insert it, no problem.

When a 'normal' user logs in and tries the same thing with the exact
same .gif file it says: 'preview not available' and tries to convert
it with the convert tool. This does not work of course.

An even stranger thing is if you open the image up in Photo editor or
Paint Shop Pro and copy the image and then paste it into the word
document it works too!

What is the problem. Why can only an adminstrator insert a .gif into a
word document????


Sat, 29 May 2004 23:12:35 GMT  
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