Clear Form and All lock outs on button click 
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 Clear Form and All lock outs on button click

I don't think you need an addnew button, You could do it in the Current event
If Me.NewRecord  = True Then
    'Remove the Lock Outs Here
    Me.SomeControl.Locked = False
    'Set  the Lock Outs
    Me.SomeControl.Locked = True
End If

If you already have an Add New Button, just add the same code to remove the
lock outs you would use in the current event.


> I currently have a code on the AfterUpdate event that will lock out certain
> text/drop down boxes when a selection is made from the drop down box.  I
> placed a code in the OnCurrent update event that would clear all lock out
> parameters.  However, in doing so, it limits the ability to add a new record.

> how do i code a Add New button do clear all lock out parameters and go the
> next new record?

> thank you,

Mon, 18 Aug 2008 05:57:31 GMT  
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