Case sensitive filters on linked tables problem 
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 Case sensitive filters on linked tables problem


I have form in which I want to filter the underlying
record source.

The underlying table is a linked text file.

There is a command button (cmdSearch) and a text box
(txtSearch) on the form.

This is my code.

Private Sub cmdSearch_Click()
Me.FilterOn = True
Me.Filter = "[FieldName] Like '*" & txtSearch & "*'"
End Sub

I want this filter to be case insensitive. As it turns out
I discovered that filters on linked tables are case

I tried:
Me.Filter = "StrConv[FieldName], vbLowerCase) Like '*" &
StrConv(txtSearch, vbLowerCase) & "*'"

No luck.

Any ideas on how I can make this filter case insensitive.


Mon, 29 Aug 2005 06:44:36 GMT  
 Case sensitive filters on linked tables problem

Hi ,

My name is Joseph Moore.  Thank you for using the Microsoft Access

The following is from Knowledge Base article:

100921.KB.EN-US ACC: Case Sensitivity in Queries Differs with Linked Tables;EN-US;100921

There are several ways to prevent case sensitivity in criteria when you
query on linked tables:

- Import the linked table, and then base your query on the imported
  table. Microsoft Access criteria values are not case sensitive.

- Include a native Microsoft Access table joined to the linked table in
  the query. Criteria values are not case sensitive.

- Use the UCase() function in your query to ensure that the field in the
   query recordset is returned in uppercase, and specify the criteria in
   uppercase. The following sample query demonstrates how to use the
   UCase() function in a query:

                     Query: Query1
                     FieldName: UCase(CITY)
                        Show: True
                        First Criteria Line: Like "S*"  (Note that the "S" is uppercase)

- Be aware that you are using a linked table and be sure that the
  values you use as criteria match the case of the values in the linked

I hope this helps!  If you have additional questions on this topic, please
respond back to this posting.


Joseph Moore
Microsoft Access Engineer

This posting is provided 'AS IS' with no warranties, and confers no rights.
You assume all risk for your use. ? 2001 Microsoft Corporation. All rights

Mon, 29 Aug 2005 08:45:05 GMT  
 Case sensitive filters on linked tables problem
Thanks Joseph for your response.

I opted to run make table queries from the linked text



Mon, 29 Aug 2005 13:14:18 GMT  
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