form data-entry and AfterUpdate event 
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 form data-entry and AfterUpdate event

I am entering strings into a bound text box on a continuous form.  Sometimes,
the record is not created in the table, and no error is produced.  I am using
the AfterUpdate event to print a report containing the record.  If the record
is not created, I receive a null error on the DMax() statements, because a
record does not exist for it to return.  I can trap this error, but I'd
rather Access just record my data like it is supposed to :-)   See code

Dim serialno As String, varDatestamp As String, varTimestamp As String
serialno = Me.Serial_No.Value

'Determine most recent record by date and time for the serial entered
varDatestamp = DMax("[Datestamp]", "[Processing]", "[Serial No] = """ &
serialno & """")
varTimestamp = DMax("[Timestamp]", "[Processing]", "[Serial No] = """ &
serialno & """ AND [Datestamp] = #" & varDatestamp & "#")

'Make the label - Report is bound to table "[Processing]"
DoCmd.OpenReport "Report Name", acViewNormal, , "[Serial No] = """ &
serialno & """" & _
" AND [Transaction] = 'A_String_identifying_transaction_type' AND " & _
"[Datestamp] = #" & varDatestamp & "# AND [Timestamp] = #" & varTimestamp &

Wed, 11 Jun 2008 00:15:01 GMT  
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