Getting #deleted message in every field of every row when linking to a SQL Server DB 
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 Getting #deleted message in every field of every row when linking to a SQL Server DB


I was looking for a resolution to a problem different than yours.  
However, during my research I found some discussion of your problem if
not a very similiar problem.  Article # Q128809 on Microsoft's
knowledge base website at\kb discusses this topic. I
hope that it gives you the answers that you are looking for.

Scott Porter


> Hi,

> I'm trying to connect to a particular database in a particular installation
> of SQL Server.

> I can connect to other databases in the same SQL Server via ODBC with no
> problem, however trying to the same to the 'problem' database I keep
> getting #deleted in every field of every row.

> Refresh makes no difference, but playing around with filters, then removing
> them seems to restore the data to what it should be (except for the first
> row which has !BLANK in the first field and is empty for every field after
> it).

> The only other thing of note is that by browsing the database via the SQL
> Browser add-in works 100 percent successfully.

> The problem really seems to be the ODBC I guess, but other than that, no
> ideas.

> Thank you

> Anup Dhariwal.

Sun, 06 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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