Opening a MS-DOS Text file with VBA 
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 Opening a MS-DOS Text file with VBA

I would like to open a simple MS-DOS Text file with VBA, but the only
Formats I can see are wdOpenFormatAuto, wdOpenFormatDocument,
wdOpenFormatRTF, wdOpenFormatTemplate, wdOpenFormatText and

Using wdOpenFormatAuto assumes ANSI, but the file is ASCII coded, so
accented characters are turned into special characters.

Using Format:=FileConverters(wdFormatDOSText).OpenFormat (try to find
this in the online help - good luck!) is of some help, but this one
assumes MS-DOS text with layout giving me lots of (wrong) formatting,
section breaks and the like.

Can someone help me to do this seemingly easy task (without being asked
for the file type, that is with ConfirmConversions=False)?

Thanks a lot in advance!
Wolfgang Hutter <><

F-Up to microsoft.public.word.conversions
Dr. Wolfgang Hutter, Dr.Erich-Koehler-Str. 6, 89129 Langenau, Germany

WWW: http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~whutter/

Thu, 19 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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