Large Excel WB won't open 
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 Large Excel WB won't open

I have a workbook created in Excel-97, saved copy also as 95/97 because
users have different versions. Workbook is "wide" (228 cols), but not "long"
(only 253 rows). File size is large... depending on format 95/97=8+meg,
Question:  I have the 8+meg version loaded on my home computer (128mb,
Excel-97), and it opens with no problem in approximately 20sec.  The
workbook will not open on the computers (some having Excel2000, others
having 95 loaded) (some also 128mb, some less) that I use at work... will
show progress, then at varying points, will stop with Excel "not
responding". Same thing happens with either format (only attempted opening
95/97 format version on the machines w/95 Excel). I've tried 6 different
machines at work, with zero success.
Note:  Smaller workbooks in 95/97 and 97 formats seem to open fine on the
Excel-2000 and the 95 machines, leading me to think that the key is the
workbook size.  But I haven't figured out the difference that makes it work
OK on home computer but not on work machines.
Note2: While the work computers will not open the workbook itself, they will
allow references to cells in that workbook by other workbook files.
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Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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