VBProject/VBComponent [DYNAMIC Userform called from a STATIC Userform] 
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 VBProject/VBComponent [DYNAMIC Userform called from a STATIC Userform]


    I have built the code that creates a Dynamic Userform using the
VBProject/VBComponent Object Model using MS VB for Applications
Extensibility Library which is working fine.
    However, when I use a Static Userform to call this Dynamic
Userform [by using a Control Button for instance] and that I then
close [deactivate] the Dynamic Userform, the Static Userform is
automatically deactivated without me having any control over it.
    So I have check all the Events that were generated when these
actions where done and it seems that when the Dynamic Userform is
called from a Static USerform, the Static Userform loose information
from what point it must continue. Seems like that Dynamic Forms add
code lines in the Project and thus breaks inner links in VBE.

    So, would somebody know how I could solve this problem and see how
I can deactivate the Dynamic Userform without deactivating the Static
Userform from which it is called.

    Thanks. - Akasaka

Mon, 19 Apr 2004 12:46:16 GMT  
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