Compile Error in hidden module: Startup Macro 
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 Compile Error in hidden module: Startup Macro


I only use a stand alone PC so have a bit of a blank on networks, but it
sounds as if the personal.xls workbook that starts 'hidden' with XL, has an
Auto_Open Macro, which will start each time the workbook is opened, which
in the case of a personal.xls, is *every* time XL is opened.  I hope you
can do this on a network, but you can disable Auto_open Macros, by holding
down the Shift Key while opening XL.  If this stops your problem, look for
the Auto_open Macro in your 'hidden' Personal.xls workbook and check the

A compile error is one that Excel cannot trap when the code is entered
(Syntax), but before a macro can be run it has to be 'compiled' into
binary,(I think), If XL encounters an error at this point you will get your
error.  So check the code carefully.

FWIW, the other error is 'runtime', which is XL's last attempt to trip you
up<g>, this is if during the running of the code XL cannot perform a task.
A common example of this would  be trying to provide a variable Dim'd as a
Integer, with a decimal number

Nick Hodge
Oxford, England

> I am having an error message appear everytime Excel 5.0 is started
> (running from the network on Novell 4.11) "Compile Error in hidden
> module: Startup Macro".  I had this happen once before and I could not
> find a solution so I reinstalled MS Office 95.  I was wondering if
> anyone else had seen this problem and know of a solution other than
> complete re-install.  Any help would be sincerely appreciated.  Thanks
> in Advance.

> Roy Adger
> Network & Technology Support
> KU School of Medicine - Wichita

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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