Help - Can't Change Merged Text Font Attributes 
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 Help - Can't Change Merged Text Font Attributes

This problem is driving me crazy!

I am merging Access DB info with a document using Access to merge data with
a MS Word document (from Access - Tools - merging with large Word document).
I have created merged documents many times using this same procedure with no
problems.  But I have now spent three hours trying to solve a text font
issue relating to the merged codes.

It seems that the merged text field data won't retain the font that I select
for the document.  The document is Times New Roman 11 pt but the merged text
will only display Courier 12 pt. even though the remainder of the document
has switched correctly to the Times New Roman font. I can change the merged
text to Times New Roman 11 pt but when I switch to the next record it
returns to the Courier 12 pt. font and size AGAIN. The maddening part is
that I can change the font and size to anything but Times New Roman and it
will retain the new font and size.

Is there a hidden code that I can delete - if so what is the command to
reveal all the Word codes.  I've used Alt F9 to reveal the merged codes. Any

Thanks for your help...

Mon, 21 Jun 2004 22:34:49 GMT  
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