Send To as File Attachment link doesn't keep settings 
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 Send To as File Attachment link doesn't keep settings

We use Excel with a spreadsheet that gets emailed using
the Send To as Message Attachment feature. We have placed
the icon with the envelope and the paper clip on the tool
bar for easy access for users.

It all works but the problem that we have is when they
click on the paper clip it brings up the window asking
which mail profile to use. It has the correct profile
listed in the box and when you click OK it opens Outlook
and the message will work. However, the problem is that if
I click on the Options>> button and place a check mark in
the Set As Default button it does not remember and keep
this option selected. As soon as they close out of Excel
and go back in to send as an attachment it brings up the
Select Mail Profile window again.

What is preventing this setting from saving?

Thank you for you help!

Kent Meyer
Sterling Rock Falls Clinic

Mon, 30 Aug 2004 22:00:33 GMT  
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