ComboBox solution required 
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 ComboBox solution required


Situation, one form with two comboboxes pointing to the same table. Selected
recordID from the comboboxes will be written to a collector table. This
works fine. Now i want to display the results on another form. Now the
collector table consists of both records(id) of the same results table.

How can i display the information for both records on a form or report.
Displaying the Employee_ID for both records goes without a problem, now i
would like to display the results e.g. the Employee_Name.

More info:
Collector table                                                Source table
Employee_Answer_ID            <=>               Employee_ID
Employee_Dispatch_ID           <=>               Employee_ID


Many, many thanks for your reaction.

Kind Regards,

Andr Mulder

Thu, 26 May 2005 05:03:11 GMT  
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