Help: OLE Linked Picture on Drop-Down List 
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 Help: OLE Linked Picture on Drop-Down List

I'm completely stuck with the following problem & MS helpline didn't know
either. Can you help?

I want to set up a form with a drop down list - say a list of names of
employees, which when selected by name (eg. employees name is entered into
the field), a linked picture is also entered somewhere else into a new
field on the form.

Thus for each record (eg. item sold) one would see the name of the employee
and the picture. I don't want to enter a new picture into each record
(sale) because for database would soon be huge. Access '97 seems to handle
linked data but not linked pictures.

Anyone any ideas on this?


Alex Mitchell

Thu, 31 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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