Subreport not printing but showing in preview, or not showing at all 
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 Subreport not printing but showing in preview, or not showing at all

I recently workarounded this issue that has been a headache for a while.

As I know some people in this forum has had the same problem (and maybe
still having), I post this to try to help them in the future. The problem
for the subreport not to show up in preview or to show in preview but
"dissapear" when printing seems not to be a bug of Access 2000 (as many of
us thought) but a matter of calling the data source. If we change the data
source of the subreport for the equivalent SQL statement, "SELECT * FROM
TABLE1" instead of writting down the name of the table directly, it will
workaround the problem.

Best regards.


Sat, 13 Aug 2005 04:09:29 GMT  
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