Cancel/close form command button causes app to close 
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 Cancel/close form command button causes app to close

I am using ACCESS 2000; frmTrnsact is used to to Add, Edit, Save, etc.,

cmdCancel is used to close the form.  cmdCancel's Default and Cancel
Properties are both set to Yes.

Code on this button includes error-trapping code and:
  DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdClose

Under one of the Add, Edit, ... options, clicking cmdCancel quits the
application; cmdCancel works fine on other options.

In Debug, I F8/single-step through the code, but I can't track what happens
because the crash occurs immediately upon clicking cmdCancel.

Other information --

Examining the text file resulting from using SaveAsText acForm, there are
several blocks of 'garbage' characters, the largest being 136 rows of 67
characters (the last 2 characters are " ,"), and the last line is only 17
characters.  The large block looks like it might be an image, but there are
no images on the form.

The two largest such blocks are
"Name Map = Begin"
PrtDevMode = Begin"

Could this text be a factor?

The .ldb file remains in the directory.  After normal closing of an mdb it
is erased.

Can anyone help me figure out why single-stepping does not trigger the
error-trapping code and track down why the cmd button crashed the app in
some cases and not in others?

Thanks for any help.

Larry Mehl

Mon, 29 Aug 2005 04:06:45 GMT  
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