Protecting fields on a Form and Auto-populating Fields on a Form 
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 Protecting fields on a Form and Auto-populating Fields on a Form

Can someone please tell me how to do this? Thank you.

I have a form:

EmployeeID    ______    (Combo box to Employee Table)    Last Name_______
First Name _______
CourseID        ______    (Combo Box to Courses Query)     Course
Description _________________
SkillCode        ______
Skill Description     _________________

The Course Query has the following data:

Skill Description
Employee ID
Last Name
First Name

The user enters the EmployeeID by typing the number or the user slects an
employeeID from the combo box.
Result:  The Last and First Names automaticaly populate from the Employee
Table. The Last and First name fields do not allow the user to change the
data.  They are protected.

The user enters a CourseID or chooses one from the Course Query combobox.
Result:  The CourseDescription, SkillCode, and SkillDescription populate the
appropriate fields on the form and do not allow the user to change the data.
They are protected.

I need help on how to achieve the results above of:
1.  Populating theLast Name, FirstName, CourseID, CourseDescription,
SkillCode, Skill Description a
2.  Protecting these fields as well.

Sat, 04 Sep 2004 04:33:40 GMT  
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