Excel 97 Printing garbage 
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 Excel 97 Printing garbage

Several users print to a Okidata 6ex laser printer shared from a Windows 95
computer. Occassionally a user will print from Excel 97, the output is
gibberish, all random letters. Does not matter what who prints all Excel
documents are garbage after the problem starts. The problem even occurs from
the computer sharing the printer. I can reboot and reset the printer and
computers and nothing helps. The only way I have corrected the issue is by
deleting the print drivers on each computer and then re-installing on each
computer. If I do a client first it prints fine, even without changing the
driver on the computer sharing the printer.All other apps print correctly.
The same spreadsheet can be printed by users to other printers without a
problem. I can print the same document to the same model printer at my
location without problems.

Mon, 13 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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