*** Urgent!! file cannot open!!! *** 
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 *** Urgent!! file cannot open!!! ***

The attached excel compressed file that is very very important to me.
Unfortunately, i cannot
open it now, how can I fix it ???

Would somebody can help me corrected it and mail back to me < of course,
compressed! :-) > ?  Your help is very much appreciated!!!

It is very funny that the excel file is 17 Mb originally. after I compress
by arj program, it remain
~600Kb??  is it usual ?

Please help me !!!

I am sure the file is virus free , don't worry and please decompress it to
take a look!

**  SORRY ! my file is using Excel 7.0 for cwin95 **

With kindly regards,   :-(


begin 600 Arj.exe

begin 600 S98.arj

Thu, 25 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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