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 Word and OLE links


> Hi, everybody:

> I have a little challenge. I want to increase the OLE link refreshing rate
> in the word document. Is there any way to do that? Right now I have, say a
> 100 links, to an excel spreadsheet and I'd put 100 OLE links inside the
> word document. When I refresh it, it's refreshing at a rate of just a
> couple of links per second. I want to be able to at least achieve 50 to 60
> links refresh per second. Is there a way?

> Help!!!!

> Thanks a million...

Hello Lee,

You have discovered one of the limitations of OLE Links; they can be
SLOW!  More memory and a faster CPU will help some but I doubt that you
will be able to achieve a 60-fold increase in speed.

BTW, I see that you are using why.net; are you in Fort Worth?  I'm in

I hope this is some help.

Wed, 29 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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