VBA, a disservice to user 
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 VBA, a disservice to user

Seems to me that M$'s intent behind the change to VBA from WordBasic is to
take away from a user a useful tool. VBA is so technical that it takes months
of study to know enough to use it semi-well. So, instead of users writing macros
for their offices to their particular needs, now programmers must be paid to
accomplish that. Very M$-ey.

VBA is certainly not intuitive, just as Word is not intuitive. (Where things are
hidden remains a mystery perpetually!) And that Apple-ish/Childish Office Assistant:
Can anyone tell me how to be rid of it forever?

We have been promised and promised Reveal Codes in Word. It never comes about,
for they argue that what is affecting display is shown on the bars. Don't guess
they have ever moved back and forth to the text in question repeatedly, trying
to note what highlight changes on those bars. (Yet still they promise and promise
in the "next version" to have Reveal Codes as WP has.)

Word97 is another excellent reason for using WordPerfect. (That is, if your
need for word processing is business-related. The sales figures for Word97 mean
very little for most of those "sales" are for computers bought with Word97 already
installed.--That doesn't mean it is ever used.)

I find it strange that Corel has achieved a Suite-wide programming language,
PerfectScript, that is intuitive and flexible, yet MS takes us a step backward
with VBA. (Such is wonderful for us programmers but a disservice to the user.)


Wed, 29 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
 VBA, a disservice to user

To get rid of the Office Assistant delete your Actors folder.

VBA is far more powerful than WordBasic. It is not surprising that it is
more difficult to learn. It is also standard across the whole Office suite.
Anyone who had to program in Excel VBA and WordBasic will tell you the
nightmare it was writing two versions of everything.

If you're happy with WordBasic then stick with Word 95. You don't have to
upgrade to Word 97.
Simon Jones

Wed, 29 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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