How to wait after printing with VBA? 
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 How to wait after printing with VBA?


> I want to realize following:

> A two-sided document must be printed out three times on colorized paper.

> So I want to code a makro, that shows a Message Box "Please insert red
> paper!", then print three times the first page and after this shows again a
> Message Box "Please change the paper upside down and insert it again!" and
> print the second page three times.

> I've coded a simple makro yesterday, but this makro doesn't start printing
> immediately. It starts printing after both printing commands are sent and the
> makro has finished.

> CU!

> Ian

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Use the MSGBOX command before each PRINT command.  A MSGBOX will display
your instructions and wait for the user to click its OK button before
the macro continues.


David Gray-MVP

Wed, 29 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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