LostFocus Event Doesn't Fire for ActiveX TextBoxes 
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 LostFocus Event Doesn't Fire for ActiveX TextBoxes

I'm using a series of ActiveX Textboxes in a Word 2000 document to
provide the user with a small table where they can enter dollar
amounts, and have a total calculate. I used the ActiveX controls,
instead of some of the other options for doing this, so that I could
have greater control over the validation, formatting and calculation
of the controls.

The solution works, except for two problems. (I'll post the other
problem separately.)

The LostFocus event (where I place all of my processing code) fires if
I tab from one textbox to another, but not if I click on another
textbox. Why is this? The first textbox certainly did lose the focus.
Can anyone suggest a way around this? I tried using the Change event,
and various keystroke events, but that causes the processing to run
every time the user hits a key. It works, but the screen does a bit of
flickering after every keystroke, which is less than ideal.

Thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide!

Fri, 31 Dec 2004 08:28:25 GMT  
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