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Have you seen those great applets on other sites and wondered how they
did them?
Well, they probably used Instant Coffee from WebKnight.

Free shareware version is available at http://www.*-*-*.com/
and the full version for Windows95/NT is now only $95 for a limited

You can create applets or entire pages in Java without any programming.
Coffee has a WYSIWYG interface so anyone can use the power of Java on
their site!

Instant Coffee has over 300 powerful features including:

        o Precision Visual Layout/Control
        o Advanced Auto-Animations    
        o Auto-Hot Linked Text      
        o Advanced Object Interaction    
        o Fully Moving Object Creation
        o Multi-Layered Graphics
        o Attached Interactive Sounds
        o Animated Live Text
        o Complete Typography Using Any Font
        o Extensible Feature Plug-ins

Why use Shockwave or Flash when they need plug-ins to work?
Instant Coffee is all Java,so no plug-ins are ever required!
And it works with all HTML editors including FrontPage98.

Infuse your sites with the Power of Java . . . . Without Programming


Sat, 01 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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