Can't logon to Exchange Server 5.5 using Outlook 2002 
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 Can't logon to Exchange Server 5.5 using Outlook 2002

Dear all,

As caption say, I can't logon to Exchange Server(ver 5.5)
after using Outlook 2002 SP1 in My Windows XP. I observed
the following:

1. The error message is "Your logon information was
incorrect. Check your username and domain, then try ..."
2. No problem for the same setting when I logon
using "Admin" account with NT administrator right and
Exchange Server account admin.
3. If I tried to logon with an acount 5 times, the account
would be "locked out". This is the policy of my Exchange
server, but it showed that the server 'know' the account.

Looking forwards your kindness help. Thanks

Sat, 26 Jun 2004 12:31:06 GMT  
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